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Sharpfin install Via Linux
« on: 03:33:55 | 22 August, 2019 »
Hi all-just finally sharpfin'd my Vistron MX200i after all these years. Thought I'd clairify the process via linux rather than all the windows based guides. I know it's assumed that all linux users are tech geniuses but I'm fair to middling at best.

So assuming you've given your linux compy a fixed ip address as per the windows guides and you know your real (or any real) DNS server ip address you can proceed.

First off ignore the sharpfin patchserver available in many a linux repository as it asks for the patchfile as a url

So having downloaded the appropriate sharpfin patchserver file set for linux and extracted them to an appropriate place.
In my case I extracted the files to Downloads

So I then had a folder called radiopatch in my Downloads folder

Running the patchserver command from there without admin or root privilges will give you various bind and permission errors so this command needs to be run with elevated privileges.

So in my case I opened the terminal
and navigated to the radiopatch folder
by typing (and depending on where you extracted the radiopatch folder, your path may be different):

cd Downloads
cd radiopatch

Now run the patchserver with elevated privileges:

sudo ./patchserver

You will then be asked for your admin password to authenticate

enter the name of the test patchfile:


Then specify your real DNS server ip address (in this case, for ease of remembering, the Google DNS)

Now you can change your network config on your reciva radio by specifying only one DNS server as the ip address of your linux computer as it is now temporarily acting as a DNS server

Restart your radio
You should see DNS lookups scrolling by now in your linux terminal window

Navigate to upgrade firmware on your radio and approve

The test patch will hopefully be successful

This should give your confidence to repeat the process with a new terminal window but this time when asked for a patchfile, specify the actual patchfile as shown in the radiopatch folder

In this case:


After this has been successfully applied by once again choosing to update your firmware on your radio then your can re edit the network config on the radio to put back your real DNS server(s) address.

Reboot your radio and in a web browser enter the ip address of your radio to show the sharpfin web interface.

Job done.
Any suggestions to further clarify what I've written is always welcome.

With thanks to all those who made this option possible.

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Re: Sharpfin install Via Linux
« Reply #1 on: 08:37:12 | 22 August, 2019 »
See https://www.sharpfin.org/index.php/Sharpfin_Enhance_Pack for more about the Enhance Pack available via URL.
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Re: Sharpfin install Via Linux
« Reply #2 on: 09:22:13 | 22 August, 2019 »
Many thanks again. I’ve been using the old Grace Remote iOS app to control the radio on an old ipod touch so I’ll see how this goes as least it’ll probably work via any browser on my android smartphone.
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Re: Sharpfin install Via Linux
« Reply #3 on: 14:00:14 | 29 August, 2019 »
uh! Well the latest should be actually this, http://www.sharpfin.org/images/9/9b/Sharpfin-www_0.9.install, see my previous posts in the thread. I thought I had been the last one turning the light off.
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