Author Topic: SiriusXM bids adieu to older Grace radios.  (Read 316 times)


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SiriusXM bids adieu to older Grace radios.
« on: 14:38:15 | 17 March, 2020 »
Dear SiriusXM – Grace Digital customers,


Some of you have been notified by SiriusXM that your service may be interrupted as of March 31st due to a change in their streaming service (see note from SiriusXM below).

Grace Digital has two radio platforms and the SiriusXM change will only affect one platform. You can identify the platform that your radio is on by looking at the rating label that is either on the back or the bottom of your radio.


    Radios with model numbers that start with ‘GDI-WHA’ will not be affected.
    Radios with model numbers that start with ‘GDI-IR” will be affected.


Grace Digital does not own the source code for radios with model numbers starting with ‘GDI-IR’. The source code is owned by Reciva/Qualcomm. Qualcomm shut down development of this legacy platform. Hence, Grace Digital unfortunately cannot update the legacy platform to the new SiriusXM service.


Per the SiriusXM note below, SiriusXM is offering Grace Digital customers who are affected by the SiriusXM change a Free Amazon Echo Dot by calling 1-888-601-6296 ( Phone’s are real busy now).  With the Echo dot you will be able to get their new service. You can listen on the dot directly or you can connect the Dot to any Grace Digital Internet radio’s aux in jack to play the new SiriusXM service.


We apologize for the interruption in your service, and wish we were allowed to upgrade the old platform.  However, we do appreciate that SiriusXM is providing a free Amazon Echo Dot to those affected customers. 





Greg Fadul

Grace Digital
Radios:   Grace GDI-IRA500, 2 GDI-IRDT200s, GDI-IRMS300, Grace IRC6000W, Grace GDI-WHA6001, Grace and Reciva iradio apps
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