Author Topic: New firmware -- Amazon Music now added -- new keyboard  (Read 81 times)


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New firmware -- Amazon Music now added -- new keyboard
« on: 14:38:34 | 20 May, 2020 »
From Grace's CEO,



I would like to announce that we have a new version of software 146.176 which includes the follow updates:


    Various bug fixes
    Updated keyboard: for entering passwords and searching for stations.
    Bluetooth: Made it a tad more robust.
    Amazon music: Both Amazon prime music and amazon music unlimited are now available to Grace Mondo + and Encore + users ( Amazon HD may be available next year). If you are a current Amazon prime customer you will get Amazon music on our radios for free and of course those who pay for Amazon Unlimited music will also get their music with this new software. There are two ways to do the 1 time setup of Amazon music (prime or unlimited) on your radio:
        If you use the Grace IOS or Android app to control you radio, you will need to update your app to the most recent release. After the update you can select ‘setup’ on the upper right corner of the app.   OR
        Go to a web browser on any phone, tablet, computer that is on the same network as your radio and type in your radio’s IP address. (To find your radio’s IP address go to the radio setting menu then select network info and scroll until you see ‘IP:’ (Example: After you type the IP address in your web browser, a menu will be displayed at the top of the page, please select ‘Login with Amazon’ ( if you are already logged into Amazon your account will automatically be connected, otherwise just follow the sign in instructions).
        More details and screen shots of the 1 time set up can be found on page 21 of the online manual. file:///C:/Users/Greg/Downloads/Mondo_Elite_User_Guide.pdf
    Webclient to control your radio: We will not be marketing this feature as we only have it as a biproduct of launching Amazon music. If you want to try this out for fun, type in your radio’s IP address in any web browser that is on the same network as your radio, then go to the right most menu item and click ‘web client’


If you radio is on and playing you will see the Now Playing screen in your web browser. The folder icon you see on the bottom right hand of your browser opens up the menus.  The folder icon with two periods after it, is the back key.  Play around and click the various items and have some fun.  I actually use it everyday to change channels since I’m always on my computer and my radio is across the room. Its not pretty, but functional for key items, but some setting/ clock radio items don’t work great so I wouldn’t rely on it for those type of items. 





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