Author Topic: CC WiFi Internet Radio - iHeart & CBS  (Read 84 times)


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CC WiFi Internet Radio - iHeart & CBS
« on: 12:27:06 | 20 November, 2020 »
In preparation for the Reciva shut-down, I have been populating all my presets, which I had never bothered to do before.  In the process, I noticed something interesting.

The first one of these radios I purchased about 6-7 years ago depended entirely on Reciva for searching and receiving radio stations.  However, I bought another one in December 2019, and that model had some differences.  The most obvious was that they had eliminated the Ethernet port (grrr!), but in the software, I found they had added the ability to separately search for iHeart and CBS stations.  I used this for the first time yesterday, and was astounded at the number of stations that could be found through the iHeart search in particular - many more than just the stations that are owned by iHeart.  I'm hopeful that after Jan 31st, those search functions that don't seem to depend on Reciva will still work.  (But, I have still populated my presets, just in case!)


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Re: CC WiFi Internet Radio - iHeart & CBS
« Reply #1 on: 04:54:08 | 21 November, 2020 »
Sorry to say, if Reciva goes, they all go. Those menus rely on the Reciva servers as much as the others do.
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