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Hello Group, from New Fairfield, Connecticut U.S.
« on: 14:00:01 | 29 August, 2015 »
Hello Group,

     I just found/registered to this wonderful Forum this week, and have been Posting my fingers off!

I'm in Western Connecticut, 70 miles North East of New York City, up in the Connecticut hills, right on the Connecticut/New York border.

I'm a Life-Long radio enthusiast, and grew up listening to AM (Medium Wave) stations on little transistor radios.  (Got in trouble back in grade school, listening to all the early Mercury/Appolo Space Launches).  ::)

I 'graduated into Shortwave Radio listening, and still own Sony 2001 & 2010 Sortwave Receivers, and my "jewel" Drake R-7 Communications Receiver. 
 I still listen occasionally, but after 'discovering' crystal clear STEREO Internet Radio, (with my first laptop in 2003...) well, there's just no comparison....and no static/interference!  -QRM as it's called.

I wish that I was around back in the 'early' days of radio, waaaay back at the beginning of this Century, when it was just a new discovery, and being developed.
The likes of Marconi, Reggie Fessenden, Lee de Forest and Edwin Armstrong, among many others.
(Google 'The History of Radio' sometime...). 

I Love The Forum here, and look forward to a long and interesting learning experience!

Cheers to All and Good Listening !

 Irv in Connecticut  8)