Author Topic: Unbricking SCott RXi 300WL ( clone IR100)  (Read 2064 times)


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Unbricking SCott RXi 300WL ( clone IR100)
« on: 05:50:02 | 13 February, 2016 »

My old RXi300scott ( IR100) bricked yesterday. The green led blink and it boot and reboot after trying to initialise the network.
I have a jtag wiggler cable on it but unfortunately I can't find a source to download the firmware files needed to unbrick. I need  boot-mtd.bin, kernel-mtd.bin, config-mtd.bin, debug-mtd.bin. Can anyone send it or tell me where to download it ?
I don't know what was the firmware version.



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Re: Unbricking SCott RXi 300WL ( clone IR100)
« Reply #1 on: 06:43:42 | 13 February, 2016 »
Send me a PM including an email address that can accept a 13 Mbyte zip file.

I'm not convinced that a reflash will solve your problem.  You may have a hardware fault.

Be sure to use Sharpflash as other flashing programs may not be aware of the added check bytes in the files I'll send you.

The firmware I'll send you is the 257-a-865-a-476 legacy enhanced version with Sharpfin which will run on your radio if its hardware is OK.  From that you can change to any other supported firmware.