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Frontier Silicon migration impacts Revo
« on: 20:47:41 | 10 May, 2019 »
On May 7, 2019 Frontier Silicon migrated to another server compromising my Revo SuperConnect's ability to save My Favorites and add URLs for internet stations. At least a dozen internet radio manufacturers are impacted. I wrote the following query to Revo support on May 8 and the Revo Support Team reply was posted on May 9:

"Changes at www.wifiradiofrontier.org disable ability to listen to subscribed internet stations. Do you have a response to mitigate this significant loss of functionality?"


Changes to Internet Radio mode on your Revo....

As many of you will have been aware there have been over the last several years a handful of instances where the internet radio functionality of your unit has been unavailable due to issues with the internet radio portal.  These have been outwith our control and that of our technology provider Frontier Smart Technologies.  The most recent instance occurred last week (May 1st) when the station list was unavailable for approximately 11 hours.  As a result of this Frontier have been in touch with the portal who have been unable to guarantee continuity of service going forward.

Whilst we have grown together over the last decade and on the whole, the station list provided has been excellent we have had to take a longer term view on this situation.  As internet radio is such an important feature the very real possibility of losing this feature has meant that together with Frontier we have taken the decision to partner with a new portal with immediate effect.  We feel it important to note that this change is not a cost cutting measure and indeed has been undertaken to ensure a continuous reliable operation of the internet radio feature in your device.

The changeover to the new service has been automatically implemented and does not require any software update, you may however require to reboot your Revo to bring the new station list online.  Unfortunately any presets stored will beed to be re-saved.  This can be done by navigating to the station through the station list and then storing the preset as normal - usually pressing and holding the preset button (User Guides can be found here for specific insturctions:- https://revo.co.uk/support/owners-guide-downloads/).

There are unfortunately some casualties of the new service:-

•  The menu structure for "Internet Radio" will be slightly different including the Genres available.
•  Unfortunately the "My Favourites" and "My Added Station" services will no longer be accessible either on device or through the web portal which will no longer be accessible.

We are investigating the possibility of having these features reinstated in the future however the logistics of this are still unclear at this early stage.

You may notice some additional stations and podcasts available to you and indeed some may be missing.  You can still request stations/podcasts to be added to the station list or report an issue with existing entries by clicking on this link:- https://support.wifiradiofrontier.com/portal/newticket

This is a large and complex migration and we do kindly ask for your patience during this time as there may be slight service interruptions as the new service is rolled out.

Finally we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by these required changes, they have come around very quickly and as such we have been unable to communicate this in advance as we would have preferred.

We thank you for your understanding at this time.  Should you have any questions please e-mail support@revo.co.uk

Many thanks,

Support Team



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Re: Frontier Silicon migration impacts Revo
« Reply #1 on: 12:40:12 | 21 May, 2019 »
I made another inquiry to Revo Support: Please let me know if I can soon expect to be able to Add Favorites and enter URLs? Their response shifts the burden to Frontier Silicon. Ugh!


We can't put a time scale on this for now as it is in the hands of Frontier Silicon who are currently in discussion with Airable who are the now [sp] portal provider.
All we can say is that as there undoubtedly will be some engineering hurdles to overcome we would envisage this will not be an immediate fix.

Kind regards,

[Revo] Support Team"