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Hello from NY
« on: 17:31:38 | 02 June, 2021 »
I've been using 2 Grace Internet Radios for over a decade. The first one was given to me, a GDI-IRA500 that I plugged into the home stereo. Later I got a bedside Grace Mondo. Both are becoming less useful ever day because of Receiva's demise. I am looking for a replacement for both.

Why internet radio? Because radio using a phone app and a Bluetooth speaker got annoying years ago. The music stops when the cell phone is being used. With a radio you never have to connect the phone to the speaker, never open an app, and neve have to unlock a phone at 6:00am in the dark. Using the wifi server means we don't use cell phone data to play music too. Using the Grace Mondo easy. Push one button and its on and its easy to select one of 10 presets or just the last station it was playing. Easy presets that wife and kids can quickly push. Because we live in a deep valley in upstate NY regular FM radio is problematic. We use our home's WiFi for TV, Radio as well as the usual Internet stuff. Fortunately we are in NY and our local area got a state grant for super high speed internet.
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