Author Topic: "Preferred format" for feeds through <My Podcasts> ? ?  (Read 2961 times)


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"Preferred format" for feeds through <My Podcasts> ? ?
« on: 12:24:39 | 22 May, 2013 »
Is there a preferred format for podcasts to be accessed through <My Podcasts>?   I've having trouble with some podcast files . but NO problems with .xml .  Anyone know the reason for this?

I use this feedvalidator site to check out the podcast  files, they appear OK and they are ... using direct web access/players.

But when attempts are made to stream them through Reciva's <My Podcasts> feature ... they repeatedly drop/restart after about a minute or two.  And again I have no problems what-so-ever .. streaming the same content through <My Streams> This really has me buffalo'd


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Re: "Preferred format" for feeds through <My Podcasts> ? ?
« Reply #1 on: 13:21:40 | 22 May, 2013 »
As a test, I tried adding your feed to "my podcasts" and the podcasts played without trouble.  I see from Grace Digital's facebook page that there have been some problems getting podcasts to load so maybe it's not just you.
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Re: "Preferred format" for feeds through <My Podcasts> ? ?
« Reply #2 on: 20:39:14 | 22 May, 2013 »
You're correct .. and I have a query into GRACE Support about that .. I even downloaded  URL Snooper 2 to see if I can spot something that causing the drop/restart/drop/restart.etc. problem.  They 'support' that the URL that being used for the podcast isn't the actual origin of the 'feed' and that's where the problem is.   

I did notice that any podcast URL with an .xml give Grace and Sanyo Iradios no problems what-so-ever!   

Really frustrating .... when all you want to be is a 'user' and not delve into the techie end of things.  :-(