Author Topic: Running your own internet radio station from your town - for personal use only  (Read 5432 times)

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As you may know I run my own internet radio station, for my own listening pleasure and that of any friend who drops in... and they do.

It's run from an old laptop in my basement. You don't need a lightning fast machine even for respectable audio.

However, the stream seems to drop every so often, particularly when played via alexa/mypod. According to the logs, disconnections seem to have been due to a thing called a "frame mismatch" which I don't understand from an audio pov. But I was getting a lot of them.

I was using the mp3 codec for streaming, although most of my stuff is lossless so has to be transcribed on the fly, and it seems this was the cause of the mismatches.

So I've changed the broadcast codec to aac, et voila...  I've run for 72+ hours now with no issues. This plays well on android/winPC, and Alexa/MyPod. I don't know about fruit-based devices.

Stuff I use for my station: No-IP redirection, shoutcast, winamp.

I limit listeners to four, and, hopefully, prevent relaying because it is private, after all. And Fios hasn't complained about my home server... yet.

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