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Auto IP / DHCP etc
« on: 03:58:31 | 06 November, 2017 »
Router free from Plusnet is a SAGEMCOM Hub One. Seems to work fine. Radios are Roberts WM201, two of set up similarly.

The router DHCP is on. The radios are set to wireless only, auto IP.  After a year of drops from the "Fibre" service box one mile away the router reports stablility usually for 20 or 30 days. Speeds download are 17MB to 20MB.

But - BBC has a habit of frequently dropping for 10sec to 60sec. We see the router lights are not dropping and the router is not seeing / reporting a break. Awfully awkward during news or speech programmes.

I discovered what IP each radio is using and in the router assigned that IP to that radio device. The breaks are reduced but still can be several per hour.

Has anyone any sage advice as to what to try next to keep the radios connected continuously - or will an awkward solution be found just as BBC MP3 transmissions cease and I will have 2 bakelite bricks.

Thanks very much.



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Re: Auto IP / DHCP etc
« Reply #1 on: 04:18:09 | 06 November, 2017 »
I don't listen to the BBC a lot, but when I do e.g. BBC Radio Scotland at lunchtime or evenings BBC4 there is the occasional drop out, but these never last longer than half a minute or so. I'm in the UK (Scotland) using broadband cable from VirginMedia.


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Re: Auto IP / DHCP etc
« Reply #2 on: 06:25:29 | 06 November, 2017 »
Thank you Z. We are in Scotland as well on fttc.